When To Stop Loving?
11/24/12 - 03:57 AM
Have you ever been in a situation where you are madlly in love with someone who is not responding or is acting totally disinterested?. When is it time to let go and move on?. The answer is quite simple but takes wisdom to understand. If you are able to let go and you eventually become indifferent to this once special person and are able to cleanse them from your soul and are able to be with someone else then by all means do so. However, if this special person withstands the test of time and you can't get them out of your mind, heart or soul then it is important to understand that there is great wisdom in your passions and desires in love and that these great desires exist for a reason. Great romantic love is not merely of this earth and that it is an energy literally made in heaven and is divinely inspired. These passions are so great precisely because you are not supposed to ignore them because there is great destiny in following your hearts desire.

 If you are trying to forget someone because the pain of not being with them or seeing them with someone else is so great but you can not get them out of your mind, heart and soul then you will learn that it is a futile battle. Instead of tormenting yourself by resisting this type of love, because of chaos and pain, you must surrender to it. It is futile to resist great love precisely because destiny calls for you not to resist. You must accept that love as it is a calling from God and reciprocity is not necessary at all stages of the relationship. Since true love involves giving more than receiving your efforts need to be based on sharing, helping and giving with no strings attached. When you really love someone you want to devout yourself to giving but our prideful ego prevents us from doing so. Notice how our very own ego brain washes us into being afraid of being used, not wanting to be taken advantage of, or not wanting to be disrespected. It is perfectly Okay to be used. That is not the same thing as being misused. Quite often in these so called "one-sided relationships"  where it appears you want them more than they want you, there is a karmic imbalance of energy where one person can need the other person more. This karmic imbalance can exist from previous lives as well. By accepting that for the time being your actions need to be based on helping, sharing, pleasing and giving, you allow this karmic imbalance to shift where eventually the mutual need for each other will be equal and the relationship will then be based upon mutual receiving and giving. Again, this takes some wisdom, as giving what you want to give is not the same thing as what your desired love truely needs. You must give what they truely want and not merely what you think they want which may be two totally different things. It is important that you do not expect reciprocity in the beginning,  just concern yourself with giving and helping with no expectation and need for reciprocity and in time the relationship will transform and the karmic inbalance will balance out and perhaps even reverse itself where your lover actually needs and wants you even more than you need them. Remember, your giving must be pure and not manipulative and there must be no judgement, no resentment and no expectation of receiving something in return. You must be harmless in every way so that your soulmate will allow you to enter their soul.

     The next logical step is what do you do when the person you love does not communicate with you, or is with someone else?. The same process still applies. However, it is important that you understand that it is impossible not to communicate with the person you truely love. Every thought, every word, every intention, and every action creates energy that does communicate with our environment particularly the people we love. In the spiritual realm there are no secrets and love is a spiritual energy. The person of your desire is able to feel you and communicate with you on a spiritual level as the communication of love transcends time space and distance. This is where your internal dialogue and thoughts are so important. Quite often we are angry and jealous of the person we love. We grow to resent that they are not with us or are with some one else. We can kid ourselves and say that since nothing was spoken or written then it does not count and that they do not know but remember spiritual energy will not be denied as this negativity will be felt consciously or subconsciously by the person you love and you will bear the consequences of continued separation. It is simply not possible for "PURE LOVE" based upon servitude and giving from the heart to be perpetually denied and eventually unification of the relationship is inevitable. This reality stands as a matter of fact, but it is up to each of us in this life time to learn the art of giving selfless love in order to receive love from the one we want.

The Psychic Connection to Astrology
10/31/12 - 02:03 PM
Astronomers in the scientific community acknowledge that at least 96% of matter in outer space is undetectable. Black holes can condense matter so intense that entire universes with a multude of stars, planets and moons can not been seen as the gravitational pull is so great within this dense area that light cannot escape to even detect the details of what it contains. If astrology is to be based on the astrological positioning of matter including all the stars, moons, planets, then we are only utilizing no more then 4% of what really exists. To understand astrology and horoscopes correctly we need to utilize 100% of what is really there. This 'Dark Matter' holds the key to understanding lifes mysteries. It contains other dimensions where time space and distance operate under different principles allowing us to project into the future and return to the past. If astrology is to be understood correctly we need to understand and read 100% of space matter
not merely 4%. This is where the psychic connection can bridge our physical reality and connect it to outer space.. A real psychic is able to detect and read that which is beyond the physical senses. Most of the space matter that really exists is beyond comprehension of the physical senses. therefore an authentic psychic can tap into this unseen astrological realm and complement our understanding of a persons individual horoscope. Everything on this earth including our souls has as extraterrestrial origin. We were made from outside this earth and we will one day leave this physical earth to a realm that is connected to that which is outside this earth. That which is outside this earth is connected to outer space making our understanding of astrology and horoscopes much more real and revelent.