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Unlocking the DNA of Uniting Soulmate Love
Miracles, including love reunification, cannot occur within the context of ignorance. The Creator among many other things is truth. Wisdom is an energy inspired by God. When we respect and expand wisdom we respect and expand the power of the Creator. When we expand love and wisdom we become tools of the Creator as love and wisdom needs to constantly expand in order to fulfill its purpose of perpetuating harmony. Ignorance is opposed to wisdom and therefore is a counter - force to expanding the light of more love and truth, or wisdom. Ignorance is therefore a counter - force to the Creator itself. Our individual souls are here on this physical earth to learn to be more Godlike by learning how to correctly give and receive love. However, most of us do not learn the easy way through wisdom. We only learn when we are confronted with extreme pain and suffering. Disconnection from a soulmate is that pain, a necessary pain which gives us an opportunity to correct ourselves in order to attain the one we love.

We ordinarily do not make the necessary transformation voluntarily to eliminate our selfish egos and our ignorance. Therefore, nature provides us with a soulmate, which under present conditions is virtually unattainable. The pieces do not connect and the pain of separation can be unbearable. You can not attain a soulmate by staying the same. Most people have the misguided notion that when they meet their soulmate everything will just connect automatically and everything will feel just great.

To the contrary, there will be great pain and disconnect and it will feel hopeless. A soulmate relationship is attainable as your birth right but it has to be earned. Most people never make the necessary transformations and consequentially never connect with soulmate love in their life time. This includes most marriages which are not necessarily soulmate relationships. Only by making the necessary transformations and corrections that were determined from the moment of our conception are we able to manifest a soulmate relationship in this life time. We need to become more Godlike by destroying our concept of "self" and our egos need for: respect, reciprocity, fairness, independence, exclusivity, self- rightousness, and dominant power and control.......

We need to learn to share and give unconditionally even if it is not reciprocated. Sharing and giving when it is difficult to do so has greater value. Also, giving what You think your love needs is not the same as them receiving what They really need. The DNA of soulmate love is closely connected with wisdom in that by making the necessary changes and corrections we will have earned the right for a soulmate relationship in this life time and miraculously the unification of the relationship will then occur. Connecting with a soulmate can be the most important event in your life and therefore this is God’s tool to get us to grow spiritually as a reward for making the necessary transformations. Let’s face reality. Most of us would stubbornly stay the exact same our entire lives. However, our need to complete our selves with our true soulmate is so great. That we will do anything, including tranforming and correcting ourselves, especially when it is difficult to do so. Your soulmate is not the person who gives you merely the greatest happiness but it is that person which has the most power to force the greatest amount of growth and improvement, and when we make those necessary corrections which we were brought into this earth for, we then merit the soulmate relationship and the unification occurs, here in this life time. Your personal love horoscope is a tool to guide you in this path to make the necessary corrections so you can unite with your soulmate love. The most powerful love spell is not what you originally thought. However it is even better.

By making the necessary improvements in this life time you fulfill the purpose of your birth, which is to have a physical body to learn and become more Godlike, sharing and receiving, and thus being in harmony with God’s plan, and as a reward you will be in harmony with Nature and therefore you will have the greatest power of all, the power of God in unifying your soulmate relationship.