There is no earthly wisdom you need to learn to manifest a soulmate or to have your soulmate return. To the contrary we need to unlearn all the brain washing and unlearn all the defense mechanisms we have learned. What we need is virtue and a return to innocence. Everyone can have a soulmate in this life time but few do. Even most marriages are not soulmate relationships. Nothing in your life has prepared you for dealing with a soulmate relationship because it is an emotion and a love force that is made in Heaven, not in this Earth. You can be big, strong, attractive, intelligent and your soulmate will knock you to your knees and reduce you to an immature child. Pop psychology, self-help books, talk shows, and friend advice, has that really ever made a difference in your love life? READ MORE

In one of the greatest scientific discoveries in the last 25 years, Scientists of the European Union in Cern Switzerland have recently discovered a revolutionary subatomic particle called the "Higgs Boson". This particle is omnipresent everywhere and connects all particle matter both earthly and celestial in a continuous chain of unseen interconnectedness. You as a person and the person you love are both made up of particle matter in the form of a human being. What this means in love relationships is that there is a continuous chain of sub atomic particles connecting you and the person you love 24 hours a day. It also directly connects you to the all the Stars, Planets, and Moons. READ MORE

To connect with infinity and eternity we need to reach outside of our finite Earth and utilize the immense power of the Stars and Planets. The total combined electrical power of this earth is well under one percent of that of the Sun. Even this one percent, is latent stored energy and would soon disappear if the Sun was completely blocked from reaching the Earth. The Earth is a receptive entity that draws all its energy extraterrestrially, such as from the Sun to survive. How long would the Earth sustain life if Sun light and Moon light were completely blocked? All energy can be harnessed and utilized in an infinite number of ways. READ MORE

Fundamental to Reuniting Love or to Return Love is to understand that nature operates within the concept of harmony and within this harmony is an understanding of how the natural fundamental difference between a man and a woman actually complement each other. Ancient Chinese wisdom understood that all things work within the harmony of the male [Yang] and female [Yin] dynamic and that these opposite energies complement each other. Accordingly, in Chinese Medicine, all illness, is merely a disequilibrium of energy between the male/female dynamic within our own bodies as each organ and cell in our bodies has a male/female counterpart and when the male/female energy within our bodies is not working harmoniously, we get sick. READ MORE

The great challenge of our time is how to connect with soulmate love and avoid breakup. Love transcends the physical, spiritual and cosmic realms. Love is the essence of the creator and it needs to expand in order to fulfill the Creator's purpose, which is to increase Love throughout the Universe. All too often, in total futility, we seek earthly knowledge to solve problems in love. Self-help books, manipulative psychology, talk show advice, magazine advice, friend advice, and still divorce, separation and loneliness continue to exponentially increase. The more human knowledge increases, the more family chaos increases and children and families suffer. The reason the self-empowerment approach doesn't work is that it is trying to solve a heavenly problem with earthly solutions. As the saying goes "Love is made in heaven". To solve an inherently spiritual problem such as separation from love, we need a spiritual solution, we need to reach for the stars. READ MORE

Love is the most powerful divine energy force in the Universe and makes life worth living as we are not here on this Earth merely to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and work. If we do not know Love then we certainly are devoid of the light of the Creator as the Creator is Love. Connecting with soulmate love is true completion. True completion is not "self-completion" as preached by the self-help movement and pop psychology, whereby you seek to empower yourself to be an independent, all powerful, self-reliant super person. Self-improvement by listening to motivational speakers, and trying to learn more manipulative psychology is meaningless as it will leave you in the end, empty and all alone. "Bi-completion" is when two people unite in love to complete the "whole" and the synergy of energy created when a couple is united is exponentially greater than the energy of the two individuals independently. READ MORE

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